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  • Toshiba Online Verifier

    This video shows the online barcode verifier available from Toshiba. As you can see every barcode is checked and when a failed code is found, the printer will destroy the label to avoid accidental use.

  • Axicon Verifier Software: Installation and Basic Setup

    Learn how to install and setup the Axicon Verifier Software for use with all Axicon barcode verifiers.

  • Axicon Online Barcode Verifier

    The Axicon Online Barcode verifier uses the Axicon 6525-S model with a specially built rig to scan every barcode during a print run.

  • Axicon 6515: How to Use An Axicon 6515 Barcode Verifier

    Video showing how to verify barcodes using the Axicon 6515 barcode verifier.

  • Axicon 6525-S: How to Use an Axicon 6525-S Barcode Verifier

    Video showing the process for verifying barcodes with the Axicon 6525-S barcode verifier using the continuous scan feature.

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