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Co-ordinate and control product labelling throughout a group. Streamline label design. Manage product databases. Publish and sync files to multiple sites. Print labels.

Publish label files with InfoDep

Infodep is installed at a central site responsible for maintaining the product database and label designs. Here the labels can be developed and tested prior to publishing for use at associated packing sites. Infodep controls which files are published by using an archive file. The archive contains a list of files to be uploaded via ftp to a server. The archive is dynamic always collating the current version of the file in the list. This allows for edits to be made to a label design or database without having to reset the archive file every time prior to publishing.

Only new label designs will need to be added to an archive file in order to be published.

Download label files with LabSync

LabSync is installed onto PCs at the end user site and facilitates easy downloading and distribution of published data. Vector DataGuard is required to print the labels however there is no need for the sites to edit, design or change either the database or label designs as this has already been done centrally.

  • Dashboard to download labelling files and open DataGuard quickly
  • Automatic connection to server: No passwords to remember
  • Download and distributes labelling files automatically into working directories
  • Minimal IT knowledge required

Group Head Office

  1. Single database management: Only a single database needs to be maintained across the entire group. This reduces the potential of erroneous data and allows easier maintenance of the database. It ensures all sites are using the same data introducing unparalleled levels of consistency across multi-site packing facilities.
  2. Approve label designs: Develop, test and publish authorised label designs to ensure quality and reliability across the entire group.
  3. Secure label and data publishing: LabSync provides the tools to securely publish label designs and database through your own servers. Label designs and database files can also be secured with a password to further enhance security.
  4. Track and trace: LabSync provides built in tracking tools and archiving to help you troubleshoot errors internally. Every published file is copied and archived for reference. Successful download of data at the end user site is tracked via an automated e-mail that logs download activity.
  5. Scalable solution: New growers and packhouses can easily be added to the existing system. Add new sites easily or expand current infrastructure with minimal cost and time. Scalable. Save costs, ROI. Reliable tried and tested tools. Easy to deploy to new sites. Fully integrated with Vector DataGuard.

Packhouse benefits

  1. One-click sync: The LabSync dashboard allows you to download the files you need and start printing right away. No entering of passwords or server details, it stores and submits those automatically.
  2. Easy and reliable printing: DataGuard is the easiest and safest label printing software on the market. The interface is quick to use and configurable to match your needs.
  3. No database or label design management: Take the hassle away from growers and packers to maintain their own designs. Allow them to concentrate on growing and packing your goods.
  4. Automatic date calculation: No more figuring what the Best Before date for a product should be using a spreadsheet. With Depot Date Offset technology all dates are calculated at print time. The system prevents invalid dates from being printed using our critical date avoidance system.
  5. Instant Redundancy: Label database and label templates are always accessible so in the event of hardware failure nothing is lost. No local backups are needed saving on IT costs.