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The variable data printed onto your packaging is just as important as the product it contains. If the data is wrong, you cannot sell the item. Checking that the data is correct is a vital operation and constitutes a major part of any positive release procedure.

Most products being supplied to the UK retail market are barcoded and this simple utility can be employed to help automate the data checking process.

Vector DataCheck is an application that decodes the barcode and compares the information against a database allowing a user to validate whether a product is correctly labelled.

The operator is able to compare the printed label against feedback presented from the database and ensure that any critical information such as display until dates are correct.

DataCheck provides a framework for systematically checking and recording these details in a manner which can easily be integrated into existing systems and procedures without major investment.

DataCheck and Barcode Verification — What’s the difference?

Barcode verifiers are designed to ensure that printed labels achieve the required standard in terms of print quality, construction and presentation and that they conform to set standards including IEC15426-1 which is a statutory requirement for many of the UK’s leading retailers. Barcode verifiers have an important task to perform but can be a substantial investment and are normally utilised only as a step in any QC procedures.

DataCheck provides a robust utility to confirm the data integrity on printed labels and packaging working standalone or as part of a comprehensive positive release system. A major advantage of DataCheck over Barcode verifiers is that it can be installed onto any PC (running windows XP and 7) or Windows Mobile scanning device, allowing the user flexibility of use and reducing the cost of investment.


  • Provides a pass or fail rating and indicates areas of concern.
  • Reads the barcode (a read is always a good indicator of quality).
  • Construction checked.
  • Tethered to PC.


  • Reads the barcode.
  • Compares barcode number against a database.
  • Checks product description against barcode scanned.
  • Confirms accuracy of printed date codes.
  • Portable and multi-platform PC, laptop and PDA.
  • Easily integrated into client systems and procedures.
  • Expandable and Low Cost.

How it Works

Vector DataCheck uses a database of product details containing the barcode number, a product description, customer details and the shelf life values of the products.

The program can work directly from the PC using a keyboard wedge type reader or can be used on a Windows Mobile scanning device that is synchronised with a PC. In either case the operator scans the barcode and responds to the on screen prompts which will display all product details for the user to compare against the printed packaging.

Scanning a product barcode (EAN-8 or EAN-13) prompts the user to input an expected depot delivery date which the program uses to calculate Display Until and Best Before dates based on the shelf life values stored in the database. When scanning outer case codes (EAN-128, GS1-128 or Code 128) which contain the Display Until or Use By date, the software will automatically decode the date contained within the barcode and calculate the expected delivery date of the shipment.

In each case the operator will be presented with a screen showing all product details including Display Until date, Best Before date, barcode number, as well as the calculated or selected depot delivery date. If all data shown is considered correct the user can continue with scanning other items by clicking OK. If however if the operator needs to record any issues or anomalies the FEEDBACK option can used allowing the user to record comments from a predefined list or to enter any free text ensuring that nothing gets missed.

Once all scanning is complete, DataCheck automatically records and logs all barcodes scanned ready for exporting to a MS Excel spreadsheet for further analysis and/or archiving.


Vector DataCheck is designed with a modular framework allowing it to be customised to extend its capabilities to meet the requirements of your business operations.


  • Decodes all your barcodes for checking.
  • Detailed reports with free text input.
  • Auto-export to MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Easy to use and clear interface.
  • Flexible implementation onto Windows devices.

Recommended system

Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Mobile 5.