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Vector DDO

Make date errors a thing of the past Depot Date Offset is a unique module for Vector, that has been developed to eliminate date related labelling errors.

Automating Dates

Printing the correct date code is often a legal requirement, and when products are incorrectly marked, the consequences can prove to be expensive with high fines being issued to the supplier. DDO works out any Display Until or Best Before dates automatically, based on the delivery date at the depot. This makes the process of correctly dating a product a simple click away.

Print Time Adjustments

Previously making adjustments such as positioning at print time, meant altering the design of the label, potentially leading to error in the next run. Print Time Adjustments adds several key controls — Test Print, Positioning, Speed and Temperature — to the print dialog enabling the user to fine tune a label, without affecting the design or data.

An added benefit of these controls, is the label design and data can be locked — preventing editing in any way — whilst still allowing the flexibility required at print time.

Critical Date Avoidance System

DDO can be configured to recognise and prevent specific dates from being printed. This is very useful as many retailers have strict conditions over what dates are allowed. For example, many supermarkets do not allow the 25th December to be a Display Until date. If and when a restricted date is input by the user DDO will prevent the date from being printed and will prompt for an alternative date.

Supermarket Formats

Vector and DDO is compatible with all date formats used by the leading supermarkets. The software even reminds the operator which colour coded box end label to load, when printing labels with date relevant colour coding.

Traditional date formats are also supported including recently introduced alpha numeric codes.

Stock Image Embedding

A great feature of DDO is the ability to embed a photographic image of the label stock, into the background of the label format. This helps ensure that correct stocks and data are selected for printing. A benefit of this feature is that any visual conflicts can be avoided, and corrected, before committing to a print run.

Extend Vector

Vector is fully customisable with plug-in modules adding new features and capabilities. Progressive ID Ltd are able to code modules on a bespoke basis creating unique modules for your specific business needs.

Technical Specification

Recommended System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or XP
  • CD drive for installation
  • 512 MB RAM

Technical Support

With Progressive ID Ltd help with your labelling software is just a single phone call away. We are experts with Vector and can resolve most issues over the phone. We can also provide remote desktop support which enables us to control your PC and Vector over the Internet.