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The safest way to label your products with total control over printed content. No need to use separate software, DataGuard 3 prints to both on-line and off-line printers including ICE Zodiac and Markem-Imaje SmartDate coders. Print your pack labels, tray end cards, film, picker labels, SSCC labels all from one software program.

Simplicity from start to finish

With our step-by-step print process you have complete control over what can be printed; production staff simply select what needs to be printed with no access to label templates; all dates are calculated in a single-click no matter whether it is a display until, best before, a date in the barcode or what the format is; and new staff can be trained in minutes.

Say goodbye to checking spreadsheets for what the correct date code is

In recent years formatting dates on labels has become increasingly complex:

  • Supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda use custom fonts with Sainsburys in particular using an irregular format where the month changes between three and four characters.
  • Aldi, Lidl and Netto use compound week number and day codes as well as basing their year on the ISO week date calendar and not the normal Gregorian calendar.
  • Iceland and several wholesalers use Julian dates.
  • Many retailers also like to print not only display until and best before dates, but also pack dates and harvest dates. Even barcodes contain dates!

With such complexity it is little wonder that printing the correct date and the correct date format often leads to mistakes. With the built-in date formatting language, DataGuard 3 can produce any possible date format no matter how complex, all while maintaining full automation.

Print preview with stock images and automatic colour codes

DataGuard shows production staff an accurate preview of the print job including the what information is going to be printed and an image of the label stock to use. This is especially useful when supermarkets use colour coded labels to indicate the depot delivery day (Sainsburys); whether a product is chilled or frozen (Co-operative); washed or unwashed (Asda); or to indicate different lines (Tesco). These colour codes are automated which means there is only a single template required.

Compatible with ICE Zodiac and Markem-Imaje SmartDate on-line coders

DataGuard 3 is compatible with both Markem-Imaje and ICE on-line coders no matter whether it is 53 mm or 107 mm, continuous or intermittent, single-lane or twin-lane. Production staff no longer have to transfer label templates using a USB memory stick, nor do they have to enter any variable data. After sending the complete print job from DataGuard 3 they simply select the print job from the job list on the control unit. And as each print job can be uniquely titled, it is possible to prepare an entire shifts print jobs all in one go.

Call 01732 850070   to arrange a demo

The best way to see the benefits of DataGuard 3 is to see it in action so give us a call on 01732 850070   to arrange a demo.

Recommend System Requirements

  • Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Vector 6
  • Microsoft Access 2010 or newer

Product Overview

Watch the DataGuard Product Overview video on our YouTube Channel ProgressiveIDTV

Call  01732 850070 to arrange a demo

The best way to see the benefits of DataGuard is to see it in action, so give us a call on 01732 850070 to arrange a demo.