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The new high performance B-EP mobile printers are robust portable thermal printers which provide the ultimate in wireless functionality and reliability on the move – extending support of advanced mobile applications in the retail, hospitality and warehousing environments.

Building on the success of the popular B-SP2D printers, the new range of portable printers meets all the requirements necessary for integration into legacy systems protecting previous investments.

Ideal for every portable application the B-EP Series has both a USB and infra-red interface as standard, being able to link quickly and seamlessly with other hand held devices. Built in Bluetooth connectivity or secure wireless network — WLAN — communications are available making the printers suitable for portable POS and remote transaction processing applications.

The B-EP printers have been designed to be incredible rugged and durable, with solid build quality throughout. The units are fitted with rubber corners to provide excellent shock and drop protection up to 1.5 m. The unit enclosure has an IP54 rating against dust and water offering industry leading protection.

Toshiba B-EP printers are Windows compatible, driven by a 32-bit flash-based CPU and are equipped with a backlit LCD screen and key interface. The range is powered by lightweight and long lasting Lithium-Ion battery technology for an extended number of printable labels and significantly increased performance.

The B-EP2 model has a single roll capacity of 400 labels of 50 mm length while the B-EP4 model achieves a single roll output of 530 labels of 50 mm. Both models support a continuous strip issue whereby every printed label smoothly generates the automatic issuing of the next label, increasing the overall throughput.

For added mobility and ease of use an integrated belt clip, carry case or shoulder strap is available.

Technical Specification

Size and Weight

2-inch model — B-EP2DL

  • Height: 119 mm (4.7 inches)
  • Width: 88 mm (3.5 inches)
  • Depth: 65 mm (2.6 inches)
  • Weight: 480 g (1.1 ounces)

4-inch model — B-EP4DL

  • Height: 145 mm (5.7 inches)
  • Width: 150 mm (5.9 inches)
  • Depth: 75 mm (3 inches)
  • Weight: 860 g (1.9 ounces)

Processor and Memory

  • Processor: 32 bit RISC Processor
  • Memory: 8 MB ROM and 16 MB RAM


  • 2-inch model: Lithium-Ion 7.4 V, 2600 mAh
  • 4-inch model: Lithium-Ion 14.8 V, 2600 mAh

Printer Performance

  • Print resolution: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • Print speed: up to 105 mm/s
  • Prints labels and receipts

Media and Labels

  • 2-inch model
    • Width: 58 mm (2.3 inches)
    • Roll Size: 60 mm (2.4 inches)
  • 4-inch model
    • Width: 115 mm (4.5 inches)
    • Roll Size: 68 mm (2.7 inches)
  • All models
    • Label length 997 mm (39.3 inches)
    • Core-less media with drop-in


  • USB 2.0
  • IrDA infrared
  • Optional Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Serial (RS-232C).


  • Windows 2000, XP and Vista drivers
  • SDK for Windows CE and Windows Mobile 5.0

Operating and Electrical Requirements

  • Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)
  • Drop Test:
    • B-EP2DL: 1.8 m (6 feet) drop onto concrete
    • B-EP4DL: 1.5 m (5 foot) drop onto concrete

Accessories (sold separately)

  • Spare battery
  • Shoulder strap
  • Single slot charger
  • 6 slot charger
  • Carry case (IP 54 rated)
  • Linerless label kit
  • AC & DC adapters
  • 12 V vehicle cigarette lighter adapter (2-inch model only)

Model Options

2-inch model

  • USB and infrared with Serial part number B-EP2DL-GH20-QM-R
  • USB and infrared with Bluetooth part number B-EP2DL-GH30-QM-R
  • USB and infrared with Wi-Fi part number B-EP2DL-GH40-QM-R

4-inch model

  • USB with infrared and Serial (B-EP4DL-GH20-QM-R)
  • USB with infrared and Bluetooth (B-EP4DL-GH30-QM-R)
  • USB with infrared and Wi-Fi (B-EP4DL-GH40-QM-R)


  • Serial
  • USB
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • IR


  • Std
  • Optional


  • Direct Thermal
  • 200 dpi flat head print head
  • 4-inches per second max. print speed
  • USB 2.0