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Axicon - Barcode Verifier Software

The Axicon barcode verifier software provides comprehensive analysis of barcodes to indicate their quality compared with global ISO standards and to identify aspects of barcode quality that can be improved.

Full ISO/IEC 15426-1 Analysis

The barcode verifier software performs a comprehensive technical assessment of the barcode measuring and interpreting numerous tests to ensure conformity and importantly provide practical feedback so quality can be improved.

Feedback is instant and graded by both letter (ANSI) and number (IEC) the results of which can be saved as scan profile in order to be checked later on if required. The software includes several diagnostic views of various aspects which provide easy to interpret graphs with clear pass and fail indicators.

Flexible Deployment and Use

The Axicon barcode verifier software can be easily installed into a networked environment allowing multiple PCs and users to share a single verifier unit and to collate scan profiles and reports in a central location. A single calibration log file can be shared so that the same verifier can be used at any PC with the software installed.

Where security is required the software settings can be protected by a password as can the calibration process itself.

Fresh Produce Ready

The Axicon barcode verifier software can be setup to verify barcodes used in the fresh produce and food industries which are beyond the scope of GS1. This includes being able to decode Marks & Spencer Barcodes, check shelf life dates in GS1-128 barcodes used on tray end and box end labels. The verifier software can also decode Coupon and Variable Measure Consumer Unit codes that incorporate added information into a barcode such as price and redemption dates.

Quality Control

The Axicon barcode verifier software can be integrated into existing QC procedures including custom reports that can contain additional information to provide detailed analysis. Using the User Data plugin a customised form can be created to record added feedback on the label stock being used (film or label), the barcode orientation, print speed, print temperature and which printer.

Technical Specification

Barcode Analysis

  • Full ISO/ANSI Parameter Analysis:
    • Rmin (minimum reflectance).
    • Rmax (maximum reflectance).
    • Global Threshold (mid point between minimum and maximum reflectance).
    • Symbol Contrast.
    • Edge Contrast.
    • Modulation.
    • Defects.
    • Decodability (barcode performance).
    • Decode (structural checks).
  • Decodability per Symbol Character.
  • Average Bar Gain.
  • Check digit validation.
  • Data Length.
  • Nominal Bar Width Analysis (x-dimension).
  • Symbol Structure including Parity.
  • Subsets & Start/Stop Characters.
  • Quiet Zone (margin) validation.
  • Wide to Narrow ratio display and validation.
  • Traditional Analysis: Print Contrast Measurement (PCS).

Diagnostic Windows

  • Summary including installed plugins for more information such as Product Look-up and AI Checker.
  • Detail Results of ISO parameters.
  • Dimensional Analysis including modulation of each digit.
  • Pass/Fail with warnings.
  • Scan Reflectance Profile including static scan reflectance.
  • Traditional Analysis.


  • Set calibration expiry date and password protect.
  • Fully customise appearance of warnings changing the colour and sounds.
  • Optional check digit validation on Code-39, Codabar, and ITF barcodes.
  • Automatic report saving.
  • Continuous scan mode for high speed verifier using USB 2.0 (S-range only).
  • Adjust pass grade from default Grade C.
  • Multi-language support: English, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Chinese (Simplified RPC and Taiwan), Japanese, Korean, Russian.


  • AI Check: Validates Application Identifiers (AI) and data structure content for both UCC/EAN-128 and RSS.
  • AI Date: Set the maximum number of days that a shelf life date is valid in a GS1-128 barcode so that barcode can be verified without generating a date error.
  • Delivery Date: Checks whether the delivery date is within a defined range.
  • File Data: Incorporate print job data directly into the barcode scan profile for reports.
  • Gen Spec: States the barcode type in the summary window.
  • GTIN: Displays GTIN information on summary window.
  • Job Reference: Adds a Job reference to the scan profile default text can be set.
  • Length Check: For barcodes of variable length fall within a specified range.
  • Multi-Plug: Allows barcodes to compared against more than one plugin.
  • Product Look-up: Reference a barcode with a product database.
  • Text Look-up: Reference a barcode with a .txt or .csv file exported from a database. Specially designed for .csv and .txt databases. Several copies of the Look-up plugin can be installed if the user needs to refer to multiple database for two or more fields within a single database.
  • Time Zone: Records the GMT as well as the local time.
  • UPC: Displays UPC-A and UPC-E barcodes in their original format instead of EAN-13 format.
  • User Data: Create forms for recording feedback when verifying barcodes.
  • User Name: Displays the profile name of the currently logged-in user and PC name.

Automotive Barcode Plug-ins

  • AIAG: Displays and validates data content of both Code-39 and Code-128 barcodes used in the automotive industry, including Odette.

Pharmaceutical Barcode Plug-ins

  • CIP39: Validates French pharmaceutical code for data length and check digit.
  • Code Vignette: Validates French pharmaceutical Vignette code, checks refund rate, check digit and structure.
  • Code-39 full ASCII: Displays the content of a Code-39 barcode.
  • HIBC: Health Industry Barcode. Validates both primary and secondary HIBC symbols. Check date identifier and structure of data content.
  • Italian Pharmacode: Validates code structure and translates it into standard format. Also known as IMH code, C39 Pharmcode or Base 32 Code.
  • LPPR: Validates French pharmaceutical Liste des Produits et Prestations Remboursables (LPPR) products. Checks refund rate, check digit and structure.
  • MSI Plessey: Validates code structure and format. Also known as Belgian Pharma Code.
  • PZN: Validates the Pharma-Zentral-Number (PZN) barcode structure and format used in Germany.
  • UB Pharm: Belgian Pharmacode (Unique).

Publishing Barcode Plug-ins

  • ISBN/ISSN: Displays ISBN or ISSN number for publications with correct hyphenation, also displays price details for books and issue details for magazine.
  • SISAC: Displays expanded version of the data incorporating ISSN, Chronology enumeration/supplement and all other details.

Retail Barcode Plug-ins

  • Coupon Codes — UK, USA and Europe: Displays information on issuer, coupon number and value (Euro and UK) and provides information on manufacturer, family type, purchase requirement and value.
  • M&S: Gives details on in-store reference, supplier code, GTIN, quantity and check digit on 20 digit M&S transit labels.
  • Variable Measure Consumer Unit (VMCU) Barcodes — Branded, Instore and Australian: A type of EAN-13 barcode containing product price information.
    • Instore: Displays in-house products, 5-digit price and validation of both check digit (displayed on variable quantity e.g. cheese and meat products.).
    • Branded: Non in-house variable product, displays a 4-digit code.
    • Australian: Displays in-house product, 5-digit price and validation of both check digital (displayed on variable quantity e.g. cheese and meat products) Unique variant to cover the specific requirements of the Australian and the New Zealand markets.

Additional Software

  • Pharmacode (Laetus): Decode and Analysis of Laetus Pharmacode.
  • ScanDB: Reporting Tool transferring data from saved scans into a .csv file.
  • RepGen: Configurable report generation tool.

Barcode Symbologies Verified

  • GS1 Barcodes: EAN-8; EAN-13 including add-ons; ITF-14 (Case Code); GS1-DataBar; GS1-128; UPC-A; UPC-E including add-ons.
  • Other Barcodes: Code-39; Code-93; Code-128; Codabar; ITF; MSI Plessey; Pharmacode.
  • Other Barcodes enabled with Plug-ins: AIAG; Belgian Pharmacode (MSI); Belgian Pharmacode (Unique); CIP39; Coupon Codes — UK, USA and Europe; Code Vignette; HIBC; ISBN/ISSN; Italian Pharmacode (IMH); LPPR, M&S, PZN, SISAC, Variable Measure Codes — Branded, Instore and Australian.



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