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The Team

Stephen McCombe (MD) (SF) (Taurus) (WLTM) (LMAO)

Stephen (Gaelic for handsome & witty) knows something about everything and has never knowingly been wrong, that is still true to this day !. It is claimed that he read Mine Kampf whilst pot-holing in Venezuela (by candle light) and having recently read the autobiography of billionaire Ted Turner (CNN) has decided he too would like to be a billionaire with his own TV station.

Likes: SPURS (Carling Cup 2008- I was there !), Ice cream, Roger Mellie's Profanisaurus, Miniature Schnauzers, mine has a strange preference for socks, and best of all Christmas Dinner.

Dislikes: Arsenal, Spongers, Arsenal, Egg Sandwiches, Arsenal, people who paint thier own cars (hippy style)

Daniel Briggs (OD) (BNB) (Sagittarius) (NS) (BI)

Dan (Ancient Greek for Dan) Invented curling, not many people know that. He also hated BMW drivers until he became one. He also knows the script to Blackadder 2, 3 and 4 off by heart. He didn't like the first series…

Likes: ARSENAL, German Folk Music and Crepes.

Dislikes: Elton John 1983 to 1992, Spurs and Amateur Dramatics.

Gary Fox (OCD) (MA) (Taurus) (TE) (VFM)

Gary is the only Millwall supporter in our village. A nearly extinct breed of South London trouble maker with a heart of gold. A great all-rounder with a preference for the Cha Cha. World champion milkshake tosser.

Likes: MILLWALL, swearing out of earshot of ladies, monkey tennis and Lambourgini's

Dislikes: Trevor Brooking, anything in Claret and Blue, untidy drawers and butterflies because you need too many to make a proper sandwich.

Sarah McCombe (FD) (WOTL) (Aquarius) (CP) (RC)

Sarah lives with Stephen and should probably be mentioned in the New Years Honours list. When asked who she would like to impersonate on Stars in Their Eyes she answered Barry White. She is taking medication for this condition and is expected to make a full recovery … Ohhh Yeah Baby.

Likes: Judge John Deed, Miniature Schnauzers, Giant Cadbury Buttons, Slalom Skiing (she once won a prize during the 2006 winter games for nicest gloves) and mending dismembered dogs toys.

Dislikes: Craig Bellamy, Beards, Clock watching, West Ham (according to Gary), shopping without Stephens' wallet and anything to do with Big Brother.

Graham Ledley (VG) (LOL) (LG) (Scorpio) Joined MARCH 2016

"Ledders" , direct descendent of Big Hamish"Ginger" McGrowler of WWF fame and also former head cleaner of sterlings town centre public conveniences.  Graham strongly resembles a blend of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Charlie Dimmock, he will gladly show you how to pot on a geranium as long as you can tell him your motivation.

Grahams passion for Clydesdale horses and golf once got him arrested at Royal St Georges when his 18 Hand Stallion, Flossey, "forgot" himself on the 12th Fairway. The club captain did however appreciate the donation to the clubs rose garden.

Interesting Fact: Graham was a member of the Beach Volleyball Team for the 2003 Arctic Survey at the North Pole, this was a short engagement as a Polar Bear ate the Team captain!

Likes: Golf, Polo's, Passats indeed any Volkswagen and Horses (in a floury Bap)
Dislikes: Belgians, Crochet, Adele and Toffee Apples (What !)

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